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Testimonial : Sarah Stary

Develop Yourself as a Leader

I believe that I benefited strongly from HEC’s leadership program as it presented an opportunity to further develop my leadership expertise and dive into the various leadership styles and common pitfalls.

Furthermore, there was time for individual analyses on strengths and areas for improvement in the context of a 360 degree Feedback review session, which had been completed before the program began. The break up sessions in smaller groups with a dedicated coach were of particular value to me as the setting allowed for more in-depth discussions and individual feedback exchange. The time spent discussing individual challenges with a smaller group of attendees was beneficial as it helped to understand common issues. 

Overall, the group was a mix of attendees from different sectors, countries, age groups and functions. This international set up provided an excellent platform to share common experiences and exchange views and perspectives. I can highly recommend HEC’s leadership training for seasoned leaders who seek a fresh perspective as well as younger executives who are facing leadership challenges.

Sarah Stary
Develop Yourself as a Leader

Head of Human Resources at Trina Solar AG

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