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Testimonial : Diana Groschupp

Develop Yourself as a Leader

The team I am currently managing is very international and spread all over Europe. I expected that the program would help me to better manage my team under the conditions of a modern business structure, a quickly changing environment and high expectations for achievement targets.
 The diversity of participants and personalities in the course was impressive: from all over the world, from different industries, with different backgrounds and personalities.  It was a nice and unexpected surprise that the program was not concentrated on pushing the message ‘what is the best management strategy’, but more on supporting the participants in their way of thinking and in discovering themselves, their management style and in identifying ways to improve it.
 My best memory of the program was the 360° session with Prof. Georges Trepo. In a small group under Georges’ leadership, we were able to exchange our life experiences, analyze the results of our 360° analysis and get very good ideas and pieces of advice. The group still stays in contact after the training and is a valuable ‘take away’ in addition to all knowledge and experience received in 3 days.
 My training was not over when I left the HEC building – I am still working on the points related to my vision, I am revisiting my management style and looking for new ways to optimize it. I am more attentive to my identified weaknesses and I concentrate more on my strength in my everyday management activities. So with this – the program is not just 3 days of training, but a life-long education (continuing self-education on the basis of the knowledge received over 3 days).

Diana Groschupp
Develop Yourself as a Leader

Finance Director FP&A Europe at Tech Data

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