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Testimonial : Shane Masters

HEC Paris EMBA, Major in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

I was previously working as a lawyer in Europe and Australia. I wanted to go beyond legal matters and join the investment management industry focusing on the global food and agribusiness space. To do so, I needed further business, strategy and management training.

I chose HEC because of its #1 ranking in Europe and its flexible teaching schedule. The English module, in which I traveled to study at HEC Paris for a week and a half every two months, permitted me to continue working in Australia while studying in Europe.

The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Major was the perfect fit for my interests: it taught me to innovate within an existing organization or for my own start-up. HEC Paris has a great international network across all industries and it gives you access to some of the best teachers. The caliber of my fellow students only magnified my learning experience.

While I don’t have one favorite memory at HEC, every single day I was challenged with new ways of thinking and concepts, helping to further develop my own ideas. Though my interests were in food and agribusiness, I learned how to draw inspiration from the various subjects and different industries HEC Paris exposed me to. Each day of learning there was something relevant to my future goals. The HEC EMBA transformed me both personally and professionally. Personally, I gained additional confidence and a structured framework to execute my ideas. Professionally, I have the gained some additional tools needed to successfully manage both people and companies.

I’ve been to China before on other executive leadership programs but I always came away feeling like I could never work in China, that it wasn’t for me. Then I went with HEC Paris and I gained access to Chinese executives with a concrete view on the future of Chinese business. After a week with the HEC Paris program, it completely changed that way I viewed opportunities to do business in China and with Chinese companies. Without this experience, I would not have seen the opportunities to work with China and Chinese companies that I do now. To anyone who has international careers aspirations, the HEC EMBA is built for you. 

Shane Masters
HEC Paris EMBA, Major in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Vice President at AGR Partners


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