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Testimonial : Kazuo Kawashima

EMBA Major/Advanced Certificate in Luxury

I have been working in general management for luxury brands for over ten years which convinced me of how vital it is to have a holistic view of the business. I wanted to develop knowledge that is widely applied to the industry as the luxury business is becoming more and more lifestyle oriented, with customers seeking experiences more than just mere products.

In order to manage a luxury brand more confidently, I needed to be well versed in specific business models and acquire knowledge on key issues such as growth drivers and common pitfalls that were beyond my own personal experiences.

I believed that the EMBA Luxury major at HEC Paris, run in Paris and Milan, both of which are at the centre of luxury business, would pave the way.

The unique combination of HEC Paris and SDA Bocconi had real added value. Each school provides invaluable insights and theories that are applicable to luxury brands based in both France and Italy. Company visits also played a pivotal role in both sessions. The presentation by the former CEO of Hermes followed by the company tour reinforced my understanding while visiting some flagship stores in Paris, Milan and Florence transformed the theory I studied into real life examples.

Overall, the program has helped me develop holistic views of the luxury business and encouraged me to take the leap into a totally different product category (from tableware to cosmetics). The network within classmates, who have the same intellectual curiosity and passion for luxury is also invaluable.

Kazuo Kawashima
EMBA Major/Advanced Certificate in Luxury

General Manager, L'Oreal Luxe

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