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Testimonial : Yanick Latil

HEC Paris in Qatar EMBA, Major in Energy

The Energy major has been a crossroad of experiences and knowledge. The lecturers were of high level and has been a strong base to promote the exchange of ideas and savoir-faire. The wonderful experience was to find all these colleagues coming from everywhere in the world and from different segments of the Energy business. It has been at every level a real energized experience!!

HEC Executive Emba is giving the platform to move forward with strong bases. The EMBA is confirming the knowledge already acquired unconsciously and set-up the framework to attack the problems on all angles. HEC EMBA gives you the opportunity to build strong skills being able to work with anyone  internationally and coming from any culture within a high team experience. The EMBA gives you the taste to continue to move forward in the international executive arenas. Is a unique experience of human interaction, culture exchange and knowledge transfer.

Yanick Latil
HEC Paris in Qatar EMBA, Major in Energy

Finance Manager, GDF SUEZ QATAR

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