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Testimonial : Valéry Bollier

HEC Paris EMBA, Major Digital Transformation of Businesses

"I was the CMO and a shareholder of a famous French betting site for horse racing and I have been working in the Digital industry for almost 20 years. I joined the HEC Paris EMBA program to upgrade my theoretical knowledge and to confront my business ideas with a fast changing and more complex world. The EMBA gave me the unique opportunity to thoroughly analyze the launch of the first phase of my new start up -“Oulala”-, whilst preparing the launch of the second one (which will include our first external fund raising campaign).

Every class was a direct opportunity for me to challenge what has been or will be done during Oulala’s development plan and to optimize every single inch of our strategy. I would add that I probably got a bit more than the other participants, because I asked each professor very specific questions (about Oulala). I have to say that I particularly appreciated the impressive quality and diversity of the speakers and the professors. Being able to attend some courses in a famous American university (in San Francisco, the home of Digital) was truly stimulating. My best memory of the program, apart from swimming in the Google balls pool at their headquarters, was the day we attended Geoffrey Moore’s class. I have read most of his books, and being able to talk to him about my company project was incredible. He gave me some really precious advice. Thank you HEC Paris!"

Valéry Bollier
HEC Paris EMBA, Major Digital Transformation of Businesses

CEO and co-founder of OulalaGames

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