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Testimonial : Willy Fotso Guifo

Energy Advanced Certificate/EMBA Major

Since graduating as a commercial engineer at ICHEC Brussels Management School, I have worked in the ICT Business Consulting sector (Accenture, EoZen SQLI, and Cisco), helping Energy companies worldwide, to achieve their smart Digitization.

I felt that having a deep understanding of the value chain, business models, key stakeholders, market drivers, pricing mechanisms, technology impact and offer/demand structure of the entire Energy business, would be very useful in terms of strategic differentiation. My target was to leverage the lessons learnt during the HEC Paris Advanced Certificate in Energy and apply them in the development of the new industries services framework, and later on in my new role of Global Oil & Gas Services Business Lead.

During the program, apart from the high quality of the professors, the quality and diversity of participants, and the warm atmosphere that prevailed, I particularly appreciated the richness of the academic content and (being a competitor), the Business case simulation games. My best memory of the program is related to the last two days in Doha, when the entire class, preferred to walk from the HEC Paris Building back to the hotel at night, just to spend more time together.

The Advanced Certificate in Energy has refined my overall understanding of the Global Energy Business. It helped me to define our worldwide Oil & Gas IoT Services Strategy by taking into account key strategic considerations about the relationship between Primary energies, demand patterns and final consumption. Last but not least was the understanding of the impact of climate policies and the development of renewables in terms of opportunities for new business models, where ICT Innovation is and will continue to play a key role. 

Willy Fotso Guifo
Energy Advanced Certificate/EMBA Major

Senior Manager IoT Services and Global Oil & Gas Business Lead at Cisco Systems

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