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Testimonial : Tommaso Corsani

Luxury Advanced Certificate/EMBA Major

Before studying at HEC Paris, I worked for over 20 years as a senior manager in the luxury industry and gained extensive knowledge in the field of jewelry. I chose to do the Luxury Advanced Certificate because I felt the need to learn more from a different angle and the HEC Paris course offered me the key skills to do just that.

The education that I received from top tier Professors at HEC Paris and Bocconi helped my career by deepening my business knowledge through a combination of sophisticated business case studies, luxury industry reports and high quality business speakers.

What I found particularly interesting was the level and diversity of all the participants, the opportunities to network on an international level and the possibility to get in touch with luxury industry business leaders in two different countries. I especially appreciated the high level of our professors and the high quality of their lessons.

The Advanced Certificate has in fact played a key role in my professional development and has provided me with a lot of information about the luxury industry. My strategic vision on an international level has been fine-tuned and this enables me to seize and manage opportunities that arise in my day to day business activities more effectively. 

Tommaso Corsani
Luxury Advanced Certificate/EMBA Major

CEO of Diarough Switzerland


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