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Testimonial : Sandrine Pereira

Advanced Certificate in Luxury

Before participating in the Advanced Certificate in Luxury, I worked as Project Director for Louis Vuitton Eyewear. I knew I wanted to take my career in a new direction, but I did not know where or how. The program gave me the direction I needed to take and I learned everything I wanted to know!
 I really appreciated the company visits, particularly the trip to Hermès, because I got the chance to exchange and discuss with CEOs I admired. I found out what it takes to succeed in the luxury goods business. The program confirmed my desire to start my own business. It enabled me to improve my management skills and provided me with the tools I needed to create a memorable experience for my customers. Before the Advanced Certificate in Luxury I had no idea how important the Internet was for the luxury market. Since then I have decided to start an e-shop and create an online community of eyewear addicts.

Sandrine Pereira
Advanced Certificate in Luxury

CEO and Founder of The House of Eyewear

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