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Testimonial : Osama Aly

EMBA Major/Advanced Certificate in Energy

I have been working in the oil industry for more than 15 years in North Africa, the North Sea and the Arabian Gulf. The EMBA Energy Major/Advanced Certificate, helped me gain essential business expertise in finance, strategy etc. to complement my technical experience.  The knowledge acquired through this high impact learning journey, has opened up new opportunities and enabled me to further my career, in spite of the significant drop in oil prices.


The program provides you with the latest insights in energy leadership thanks to a team of experts that have a deep understanding of the dynamics of the industry. The program also creates a learning environment where the international dimension, networking and sharing knowledge with a wide range of peers play a key role. The energy industry is on the verge of massive changes and innovation, and this program places the participant in the best place to fully understand the future challenges of the energy business.


Our field trip to Germany, where we closely studied the German Energiewind- renewable energy transformation, was a particularly eye-opening experience, because for the first time I understood that my career in the energy industry could expand beyond the oil and gas industry.

I was promoted to senior project manager for a multi-million dollar project in Maersk oil. The knowledge and personal growth acquired during my studies, as well as my previous project management experience, has been instrumental in enabling me to gain this promotion. I am totally convinced that taking the program was the right step forward for my career.

Osama Aly
EMBA Major/Advanced Certificate in Energy

Senior Project Manager at Maersk Oil

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