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Testimonial : Luca Boccaletto

Aerospace & Aviation Advanced Certificate/EMBA Major

I started my career over 15 years ago as a rocket propulsion engineer, working in close cooperation with all the major industries and research centers in Europe. I’m currently involved in the strategic analysis of the future evolution of European launchers and I’m also the Project Manager of the Launcher Evolution Element project.

The Aerospace & Aviation Advanced Certificate complemented the HEC Paris Executive MBA perfectly. The space transportation industry is evolving rapidly, which means that the current business model needs to be adapted. The Advanced Certificate gave me a broad view of strategic planning and business models that have characterised the aeronautical industry, as well as its continuous evolution. This is a unique source of inspiration to define the future of the space transportation service.

The Advanced Certificate has given me a unique opportunity to meet leading experts involved in all aspects of the aerospace industry. They provided exceptional content, in a very professional way, and their input serves as an important reference point to implement the lessons learnt on a daily basis.  The high level profiles of my classmates has also been an exceptional asset, allowing me to make new professional and personal connections. Finally, the international aspect of the Advanced Certificate (3 sites in 2 continents, international lecturers …) adds real value to this program. 

The content of the Advanced Certificate and the strategic approaches, presented by the lecturers, has really contributed to my professional evolution, both in terms of strategic vision and in the implementation of my day-to-day activities. The growing competition in the space transportation industry calls for continuous innovation and improvement of the services provided. My role is to actively contribute to the innovation of the European launch service.

Luca Boccaletto
Aerospace & Aviation Advanced Certificate/EMBA Major

Project Manager at European Space Agency

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