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Global Initiatives

One of our core values of HEC Paris is international mobility. This is why we have established over one hundred partnerships with prestigious academic institutions, and developed a global presence with our Executive Education sites worldwide, particularly in China and Qatar.

Our international presence adds a unique global scope to our local roots, thanks to the dedicated service of Global Initiatives whose objective is to:

  • Develop strategic partnerships that meet the needs of the current global economy and that are fully aligned with international best practices
  • Integrate frameworks and organizational processes that will improve the operational efficiency and profitability of HEC Paris, while at the same time creating value for our stakeholders
  • Enhance the HEC Paris experience by promoting the unique strengths and benefits of each site worldwide
  • Ensure transparency in development initiatives and in the dissemination of knowledge

What does this really mean?

The main objective of Global Initiatives is to promote HEC Paris Executive Education programs abroad. Our ambition is to deliver our unique portfolio of programs in local markets and to accompany executives and senior managers working in these regions in order to add a truly global dimension to our programs.

The three-step approach to our global development initiative

3 stages of Global Initiatives projects

HEC Paris in China

HEC Paris in Qatar

Worldwide presence
GNAM Certificate of Excellence in Global Business now open to Executives worldwide
Initiated by Yale University, the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM) Certificate of Excellence in Global Business program is now available to Executive Education participants. As a result of this new partnership, HEC Paris participants can enroll in non-degree executive programs at 17 leading global business schools, including Yale Business School and IMD, allowing them to expand their global networks and deliver business results.
USA 2020 - Using international politics to help drive a long-term business strategy
The US 2016 election will mark an end to the Obama era and could potentially be a contest between two radically different visions of America for 2020. To help key decision-makers and senior executives better understand the long-term dynamics shaping the business landscape in the United States and beyond, HEC Paris Executive Education has announced the launch of its USA 2020 program. The course will take place in Washington D.C over a one-week period that includes the day of the election, November 8th.
Building on instinct: Alphadio Olory-Togbe's career path, EMBA HEC Paris
Following his initial professional success, Alphadio Olory-Togbe took an EMBA with every intent of creating a new company and a daring concept. During his training program, Alphadio put his newly-acquired skills to use and, with determination, created a second company!
HEC Paris receives prestigious Qatar Enterprise Agility Achiever Award in Education
HEC Paris recently received the Qatar Enterprise Agility Achiever Award in Education at the 2015 Qatar Enterprise Agility Awards.
HEC Paris holds open-enrolment program in negotiation skills and strategies
Top executives were among participants of the two-day program run by Professor Matthew Mulford, an expert in negotiation analysis, effective business decision making and leadership
3rd edition of the ETAM Talent Program held at HEC Paris
HEC Paris held the 3rd edition of the ETAM Talent Program which aimed to prepare ETAM Group Managers to face the challenges of a rapidly changing international business environment.