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During the program, you will carry out rigorous written team and individual analyses of real-life companies.


The HEC EMBA program


You will begin the Capstone Project during the opening modules of the program and submit it at the end. During the project, you can either carry out a rigorous analysis of a real-life company or embark on an entrepreneurial venture.

The Capstone Project is the final deliverable of the HEC Paris Executive MBA program and allows you to immediately apply everything you have learned in the classroom. It is a comprehensive and demanding exercise that is carried out over a period of several months. The goal of the project is to address and analyze an issue of particular strategic importance to either a for-profit or not-for-profit organization from an executive management viewpoint.

The Capstone Project can be undertaken either independently or in small teams of 3 to 4 participants.

You can choose one of the following subjects:

•  Your current employer or that of another participant in your team

•  A new entrepreneurial venture that you would like to launch 

•  A third-party company in which you have no direct interest, but for which you will eventually act in an independent strategic consultant capacity

Strategic recommendations

The topic must address an issue that is of strategic importance for the organization concerned and allows you, either individually or collectively, to support “what should be done” recommendations.

During the Capstone Project you will analyze a company's position within its industry and formulate strategic recommendations. This exercise will enable you to: 

  • Establish concrete relationships between the concepts and methods studied during the program and current real-life strategic and managerial issues
  • Apply the diverse elements of the program to carry out a comprehensive study
  • Enhance your skills in negotiation, collaborative behavior and leadership
  • Develop both written and oral skills when presenting the results of your work

The written report must feature the audit results and conclude with strategic recommendations, supported by an action plan, which attests to the feasibility of the recommendations

The final deliverable is a 30-page report, written in English. The project must demonstrate the level expertise that one expects to find in reports submitted to members of an executive board. This is followed by a high-level 90 minute presentation before the Capstone Committee, which is comprised of 3 members. The exact timing of the presentations can vary from track to track.

The successful completion of your Capstone Project earns you the last 21 credits out of the 120 required for the HEC Paris Executive MBA degree.

Recent projects include: 

  • Creating a company to design and sell solar systems in North Africa
  • Developing a business plan for a global IT solutions company 
  • Exploiting the technological ecosystem to obtain profitable growth from a range of multimedia mobile phones 
  • Creating a joint venture services company between seven European electricity transmission utilities
  • Restructuring a thermal production business
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