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Managing Global and Key Accounts

How can you strengthen your position sustainably and profitably with key accounts?

If developing profitable business with your Key Accounts is your objective, the co-creation of value is the crucial strategic leverage. This training course will enable you to comprehend the essentials of a win/win relationship.

Quick facts

Level: Expert
Language: English 
Duration: 7days (2 modules) 
Location: HEC Paris Le Château


  • Personalized tool box and dash-boards
  • Development of a Key Account Action Plan between sessions
  • Interactive learning methods to facilitate the acquisition of the key reflexes 

Tuition fees:
6,190 € excl. VAT

Including meals but excluding accommodation.

Location: HEC Paris Le Château

The program is aimed at:

  • Directors and Sales Managers
  • Key Account Managers in charge of key accounts and/or strategic accounts
  • Stakeholders involved in the key account relationship - marketing, purchasing, technical managers… 

The program will enable participants to:

  • Define, implement and negotiate the co-creation of value for key accounts
  • Develop the necessary skills to successfully manage key accounts on both a strategic and operational level 

Module 1 (3 days)

Design and implement winning strategies with your key accounts

Define your strategy:

  • Identify the needs and expectations of your key accounts
  • Acquire a more in-depth understanding of the markets of your key accounts
  • Adopt a logic of co-creation of value – a crucial success factor in key account management
  • Analyze growth strategies for your key accounts

Understand the financial stakes:

  • Identify and master the financial risks associated with key accounts
  • Understand and implement the levels of financial value creation
  • Measure and improve profitability with key accounts

Structure the commercial policy:

  • Align strategic frameworks and customer value creation
  • Understand the legal issues
  • Develop a negotiation framework

Develop the key account action plan

  • Understand the strategies of key accounts
  • Design a development project
  • Create and manage an influence network within your key accounts

Module 2 (4 days)

Negotiate with key accounts

Individual feedback on key account action plans:

  • Participants present their key account action plan
  • Successfully manage your network

Analyze the role of purchasing:

  • The key role that purchasing plays and the objectives of the purchasers
  • Negotiation tactics used by purchasers
  • Analyze the personalities of the people involved in the key account relationship from a multi-cultural perspective

Negotiate with key accounts:

  • Analyze the business context of key accounts and set coherent objectives
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Adapting your behavior
  • Develop personal charisma in order to be more effective in negotiations 

Academic Director(s)

Cécile Viniane, HEC Paris Affiliate Professor(s)

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7days (2 modules)
Tuition fees:
6,190 € excl. VAT