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Acquire an in-depth understanding of the key success factors in the luxury business

The combination of world-class faculty, cutting-edge research, publications in the field of luxury management and the significant number of CEOs from luxury organizations among its alumni enables HEC Paris to offer an exclusive program that is truly unique of its kind. 

Quick facts

Level: Certified Program
Language: English 
Duration: 2 weeks 
Location: HEC Paris Center


- Acquire an in-depth understanding of the luxury industry
- Successfully manage luxury brands
- Internationally renowned faculty

Locations: Paris, France (May) and Shanghai, China (October)

The successful completion of the Advanced Certificate will earn you 18 credits towards the HEC Paris Executive MBA. The EMBA  Major in Luxury can also be taken as a specialization within the HEC Paris Executive MBA. The EMBA requires only 7 or 8 weeks out of the office during a 17-month period. More information in the Admission section.

Tuition fees:
14,585 € (2016)

These  include all teaching fees, academic material, accommodation in both locations.
On free evenings, dinners will be at the expense of the participants.
Travel expenses to and from all modules are not included.
Academic fees are not subject to VAT.

Location: HEC Paris Center

This program is aimed at participants who either already manage a luxury brand, or have business responsibilities within a luxury company or will do so in the near future

The aim of the program is to endow participants/managers with all the concepts, skills, know-how and benchmarks they need to develop and manage luxury brands and companies today and in the future. It is an ambitious program that will enable participants to delve deeply into the culture of luxury in order to grasp the essence of its so specific management. The goal of this business-oriented program is to enable participants to make the right and relevant strategic decisions concerning the marketing of luxury brands worldwide.

This demanding two-week program is run in Paris, France and Shanghai, China.

It combines a rare blend of cutting edge theory, high level interaction with top executives from luxury brands, practice oriented sessions and self-immersion in retail. 

Session 1: “The Luxury Strategy” – HEC Paris

Themes explored in the first session will include:

  • Delineating luxury: a multicultural approach;
  • What is a luxury strategy? How is it different from a premium strategy? Or fashion strategy?
  • Luxury marketing is specific: the major anti-laws of marketing;
  • Segmenting the luxury market and positioning brands;
  • The heart of luxury: creation. How does it differ from classical communication?
  • Retail management and performance: location, merchandising, human resources, equity building ;
  • New frontiers of luxury: sustainable development, social media and internet; omni-channel vision
  • Company visits to illustrate how the main challenges of tomorrow are met: Internet, sustainable development, building synergies between brands within groups, profitable growth etc.

Session 2: “The Luxury Strategy” – Shanghai

This session is a learning expedition: it aims at exposing managers to the most challenging culture of luxury today.

The following themes will be covered:

  • Understanding the Chinese culture and doing business with the Chinese partners
  • Understanding the culture gap that impacts how luxury brands need to communicate
  • Measuring the challenges of retail performance in China
  • How to enter markets in China and develop regionally, and by type of cities
  • Understanding Chinese luxury consumers: what is the relevant segmentation?
  • Facing the most digital market in the world and technology challenges: How to leverage social networks, e commerce in order to develop omni-channel strategies
  • The importance of  travel retail

Business Project 

All participants choose a strategic issue to address throughout the program. This enables them to build on their own experience and draw on the expertise in their professional networks. They work closely with HEC Paris faculty for academic input and capitalize on the know-how of the many industry experts present in the program.

Academic Director(s)

Jean-Noël Kapferer , HEC Paris Emeritus Professor of Marketing

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“I am very happy with the HEC EMBA delivered in Shanghai. I want to boost my knowldege concerning fashion and luxury with the Luxury Major. I am impressed with this specialization. It takes place in...”

Badis Kouidrat

CEO, Devanlay Garment Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

“The luxury major allowed me to reinforce my knowledge of all the fundamentals of luxury, but above all to broaden my scope to the international dimension of luxury and its other sectors of activity...”

Claude Neves

European-African Export Director, GUERLAIN

“The Major allowed me to step back and strategically analyze how the concept of luxury has evolved in the last few years. I definitely strengthened my analytical skills through the program - particu...”

Helene Dumottay

Head of Marketing, Fashion Accessories for Swarovski

“The EMBA definitely shifted my paradigm on how to view the luxury market from an international strategic standpoint. I’ve gained many insights, and my career path and future are bright. I am now wo...”

Joe Ghayad

Hotel Manager for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Doha

“The program has helped me develop holistic views of the luxury business and encouraged me to take the leap into a totally different product category (from tableware to cosmetics). ”

Kazuo Kawashima

General Manager, L'Oreal Luxe

“The program has really accelerated my career and has given me the necessary skills to fully understand and manage luxury markets.”

Sandrine Danancher

Consultant of the Board KORLOFF Paris

“Before participating in the Advanced Certificate in Luxury, I worked as Project Director for Louis Vuitton Eyewear. I knew I wanted to take my career in a new direction, but I did not know where or...”

Sandrine Pereira

CEO and Founder of The House of Eyewear

“The program is a perfect mix of theoretical concept and business cases from the real life. You have an excellent mix of the French and Italian business model in order to understand the entire luxur...”

Tanja Valcic

Former Head of Credit Management at Lanvin

“I chose to do the Luxury Advanced Certificate because I felt the need to learn more from a different angle and the HEC Paris course offered me the key skills to do just that.”

Tommaso Corsani

CEO of Diarough Switzerland


“I chose the Major in Luxury in particular because it offers a unique opportunity to develop a global vision of the sector and to develop a strategic understanding of the value chain and operational...”

Yannick Preteseille

Brand Strategy & Experience, DS automotive brand

General Information

  • Open enrolment subject to our selection process.
  • The language of instruction is English. A professional level in English is required: TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS (for applicants whose mother tongue is not English or candidates who do not hold a university degree from an English speaking institution).
  • 18 credits gained upon successful completion of this two module Advanced Certificate may be used towards the HEC Paris Executive MBA.
  • Holders of an Advanced Certificate will be able to deduct the full price of the Advanced Certificate if they are admitted to the HEC Paris EMBA.
  • Each Advanced Certificate has two 1-week modules fixed for May and October respectively, to be delivered in two different locations, France and Italy.
  • Each module has a 5-day schedule, for a total of 10 days or 90 hours per Advanced Certificate.

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2 weeks
Tuition fees:
14,585 € (2016)


Professor Jean-Noël Kapferer
Academic Director of the HEC Paris EMBA Major in Luxury / Advanced Certificate in Luxury

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