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International Risk Management

Mastering legal and compliance challenges and risks in an international context

Running a business in today’s globalized and regulated economy has become more complex and riskier than ever before. Regulations, government intrusion and enforcement, draconian sanctions and reputational risks are increasing at a rapid pace. 

Quick facts

Level: Excellence
Language: English 
Duration: 3 days 
Location: HEC Paris Le Château


  • Thought-provoking and highly interactive sessions
  • Analysis of real-life challenges
  • Apply problem-solving, decision making and leadership skills

Tuition fees:
3,230 € (excl. VAT)

Excluding meals and accommodation.

New: This program is eligible for the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM) Certificate of Excellence in Global Business, which allows Executives to choose from over 120 courses offered by 17 member schools and representing a total of 15 training days. For more information and a full list of eligible programs, click  here

Location: HEC Paris Le Château
Dates of next session: Wednesday 11 October 2017
Duration: 3 days

11 au 13 octobre 2017

The program is aimed at:

Senior Managers currently working as, or preparing to work in one of the following roles

  • Head of a Global Business Unit
  • Head of a Regional Business Unit
  • Head of an International Business Unit
  • President of a National Business Unit 
  • Increase your awareness of the current legal and compliance risks in an international context
  • Tackle real-life risk scenarios that you could face in your current or future professional career
  • Adapt your decision-making skills to a high pressure environment
  • Understand the importance of leadership skills, prioritization, team work and delegation
  • Develop a personalized compliance risk management toolbox

Program topics

  • What does compliance mean and why is it relevant to me and to my organization?
  • Antitrust, anticorruption, anti-discrimination and whistle-blowing – making sense of the “compliance jungle”
  • FCPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, UK Bribery Act… - Why do some laws apply outside of their country of origin and what are the consequences for an international organization?
  • The building blocks of a robust, yet realistic “Compliance Management System”. How can you spot compliance risks and make the best use of your internal and external advisors?
  • How to react to a compliance crisis
  • Developing a personalized compliance risk check-list and action plan
  • Performance, compliance and ethics – a contradiction in terms?

Teaching methods

The program is taught primarily in small groups

  • Dynamic and interactive workshops throughout the program that bring all aspects of the topic to life
  • An action-based learning approach that includes real-life case studies, challenges and decision-making scenarios enables participants to practically apply everything that they have learned
  • Filmed sequences of workshops are used to provide personalized feedback 

HEC Paris Professor(s)

Dr Christian Rau, Academic Director, corporate attorney, manager, consultant and university lecturer. The main focus of his professional expertise is on Compliance, M&A, US-Litigation and Legal Leadership

HEC Paris Affiliate Professor(s)

Christelle Bitouzet is an Affiliate Professor at HEC Paris where she teaches in a variety of Executive Education programs. Christelle started her career as a consultant, specializing in team mobilization and multi-cultural management, before taking on operational positions in major international groups. For 12 years she has been Head of Communication and Local Stakeholders Relationships in the Lafarge Group where she has been actively involved in all the major acquisitions and divestments of the group throughout this period.

In addition to her current work with HEC Paris, she is the founding partner of a consulting firm, acting mainly in the field of sustainable development and stakeholder relationships. Her fields of expertise encompass change management, team mobilization, multi-cultural management, Corporate Social Responsibility and community relations as well as global communications.

Christelle Bitouzet, HEC Paris Affiliate Professor

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3 days
Dates of next session:
Wednesday 11 October 2017

Dates of next session

Place: HEC Paris Le Château
Dates of next session: October 11, 2017

11 au 13 octobre 2017

Tuition fees:
3,230 € (excl. VAT)