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Acquire an in-depth understanding of the energy business environment and market drivers

Energy geopolitics, alternative sources, revival of nuclear energy, environmental considerations are but a few subjects that preoccupy energy sector leaders and senior managers today. The Advanced Certificate in Energy is organized with the support of the Chair of Total in Energy and Management.

Quick facts

Level: Certified Program
Language: English 
Duration: 2 weeks 
Location: HEC Paris in Qatar


- Strategy implementation
- In-depth understanding of energy issues
- Interactive learning methods

Locations: Doha, Qatar (May) and Berlin, Germany (October)

Credits gained upon successful completion of this 2-module Advanced Certificate may be used towards the HEC Paris Executive MBA. The EMBA  Major can be taken as a specialization within the HEC Paris Executive MBA. The EMBA requires only 7 or 8 weeks out of the office during a 17-month period. More information in the Admission section.

Tuition fees:
14,585 € (2016)

Costs include all teaching fees, academic material, accomodation in both locations.
On free evenings, dinners will be at the expense of the participants.
Travel expenses to and from all modules are not included.
Academic fees are not subject to VAT.

Location: HEC Paris in Qatar

This Advanced Certificate/Major is open to all Executive MBA participants at HEC Paris and external applicants.

This Doha and Berlin-based program is geared towards executives and senior managers working or planning to work in industries and services where energy production and consumption, and/or greenhouse gas reduction policies could significantly impact the corporate bottom line, with the resulting need to define and implement a corporate energy and climate strategy (such industries include notably oil and gas, power utilities, renewable energy, investment banking and trading, energy regulators, energy intensive industries, transport sector players, transformation industry with energy sensitive inputs, public sector and political decision makers, etc.).

This Advanced Certificate addresses the need for leaders to develop a comprehensive and strategic view of energy issues, including climate impact on the global economy. It will give them the opportunity to:

  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of the energy business environment and market drivers: geopolitics of resources (oil and gas, coal and mining), energy demand structure, producers and end-users strategies, industry organization and regulations;
  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of energy markets, contracts and price formation mechanisms;
  • Acquire an understanding of energy technologies; and of their potential impact on the business model.
  • Develop and implement strategies to address issues associated with energy prices, volatility, hedging, as well as energy sensitive investment and financing requirements;
  • Reflect on the extent to which climate change (and climate change response policies to include new travel modes and housing/building technologies) will affect corporate strategies worldwide;
  • Exchange experience and network with other HEC Executive MBA participants and energy business executives.

The Advanced Certificate is comprised of two modules that take place in May and October, respectively. 

The first module takes place in Doha, Qatar and focuses on upstream activities, primarily from the perspective of producers and producing companies. It provides a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the upstream sector: reserves, productions, players (i.e. IOC, NOC, contractors), investments, costs, systems of taxes, contracts, financing, etc.

The second module takes place in Berlin and focuses on power and utilities, oil downstream activities, end-users viewpoint, as well as energy efficiency and energy management issues. The module also includes sessions on conventional and new power supplies, such as clean coal (CCS), renewable and nuclear energy.

Academic Director(s)

Andrea Masini, HEC Paris Associate Professor of Operations Management & Information Technology

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“The EMBA Major/Advanced Certificate in Energy has provided me with a better strategic understanding of the oil, gas and electricity sectors. It was extremely interesting to analyse the link between...”

Giorgio Blanzieri

Business Development Manager – Energy SBU at SGS Group

“The energy industry is on the verge of massive changes and innovation, and this program places the participant in the best place to fully understand the future challenges of the energy business.”

Osama Aly

Senior Project Manager at Maersk Oil

“The Advanced Certificate … helped me to define our worldwide Oil & Gas IoT Services Strategy by taking into account key strategic considerations about the relationship between Primary energies,...”

Willy Fotso Guifo

Senior Manager IoT Services and Global Oil & Gas Business Lead at Cisco Systems

“The Energy major has been a crossroad of experiences and knowledge. The lecturers were of high level and has been a strong base to promote the exchange of ideas and savoir-faire. The wonderful expe...”

Yanick Latil

Finance Manager, GDF SUEZ QATAR

General Information

  • Open enrolment subject to our selection process.
  • The language of instruction is English. A professional level in English is required: TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS (for applicants whose mother tongue is not English or candidates who do not hold a university degree from an English speaking institution).
  • 18 credits gained upon successful completion of this two module Advanced Certificate may be used towards the HEC Paris Executive MBA.
  • Holders of an Advanced Certificate will be able to deduct the full price of the Advanced Certificate if they are admitted to the HEC Paris EMBA.
  • Each Advanced Certificate has two 1-week modules fixed for May and October respectively, to be delivered in two different locations, one of which is outside of France.
  • Each module has a 5-day schedule, for a total of 10 days or 90 hours per Advanced Certificate.

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2 weeks
Tuition fees:
14,585 € (2016)