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In the last five years, 55% of new faculty have been hired from abroad.

HEC Paris has an internationally renowned faculty at the forefront of their respective fields.

HEC Faculty

HEC Paris has an internationally renowned faculty at the forefront of their respective fields. HEC Faculty is comprised of:

  • 138 permanent professors,
  • 26 affiliate professors,
  • visiting professors
  • and 700 lecturers and teachers.

The international accreditations impose a number of strict criteria relating to academic excellence. It goes without saying that the recruitment of first-class professors is a key strategic factor. HEC Paris' full-time faculty hold doctorates from the world's leading research universities (including US. schools such as Michigan, Stanford, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, Cornell, MIT…).

In addition to their teaching responsibilities, HEC Paris' faculty maintain a wide range of activities in areas such as publishing articles and books, carrying out research, organizing conferences and workshops, and engaging in consultancy (see Emerging Economies Newsletter), thus contributing to the advancement of business management knowledge.

In executive education, faculty expertise is complemented by guest speakers with an outstanding record of national and global business success.

HEC Research

Research is naturally a prime added value:

  • for HEC Paris, since research is the basis for our legitimacy and reputation, particularly abroad,
  • for partner businesses, as this research gives them an invaluable asset in terms of corporate intelligence and capitalizing on knowledge,
  • for participants of executive education the first benefit from cutting-edge knowledge.

To read our faculty's latest research papers, please visit Knowlegde@HEC.


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